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Stepping into the Power of Trust

October 3, 2021

An African American Woman wearing a form fitting black dress is smiling at the sky. She has a flower tattoo on her arm. She is standing in front of a bridge and water.
Samantha, Owner of Bewitched Photography

I used to see magic in the world when I was younger and over time it seemed to disappeared. As a result, things started to seem boring and predictable. I was over it all. Fast forward to December 2020. My friend told me about a tarot reader. Looking to be wowed for a moment and then move on like usual, I ended up getting more than I expected, including a reading that made me rethink the magic in my life.

Now that it is October 3rd I have the urge to watch all the witch movies from Teen Witch to Hocus Pocus. Growing up my love for stories about witches and spirits has continued to flourish. Just like the characters from these films, I feel like I am stepping into power of my own magic. No, I am not saying that I can wave a wand and make a feather float in the air, However, I do believe in energy and that everything is connected. I also believe we can all be intuitive, but only if you open yourself up to it. Because of this new knowledge, I now trust in myself and I am uncovering my strengths.

Growth and Healing

Everyday I continue to learn what I am capable of and the magic that I can create in this world. Over time I realized that healing and sometimes revisiting the past is the best way to grow. It is important for me to address the “trauma” no matter how big or small, to break the cycle of repeating the same mistakes. Breaking old habits can lead to success. It takes time and intentional action to heal and grow. For me, the word patience has popped up again and again. This is where trusting in my intuition and believing that everything will come in divine timing has been crucial.

Currently I am a teacher who is about to embark on a journey of becoming a counselor. I am also a professional photographer. My trust and intuition has led me to want to be an educator and healer in my community with my photography. I hope people can see the beauty I see when I photograph them. Another goal of mine is to lead my clients to trust in themselves and feel comfortable in their own skin. A phrase that I have heard many say before, “feel the fear, and do it anyway.” What holds you back? Look inward and see if you can find that fear. Conquer it! And of course, once you conquer that fear, come and get a photoshoot with me to document your progress [;

Here are some awesome people I have photographed who conquered their fears.

An African American woman is standing on a train platform in front of train tracks. She is wearing a green cheetah print jumper. She is laughing.
Historic Manassas
An asian female with brown and white highlights and a blue and brown jacket stands in front of a pink building.
Old Town Alexandria
black female with ombre black and white braids and a red dress. Holding stargazer flowers. She is standing in a field of tall grass.
Manassas Battlefields
A white female wearing a blue and white patterned dress with long brown hair is standing in front of different colored pots for plants.

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