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Healing Photography Session

January 20, 2021

Over the summer, my friend Carey and I decided that we needed to do another photoshoot to feel peace and healing. I love photographing Carey painting, as she makes and sells her work! Check her out at @eclectic_daydreams on instagram. from We had not seen each other in while, and we both were itching to get out of the house. So off to the Greenhouse we went!

picture of Samantha, an African American girl smiling with colorful pottery behind her
A female in a blue dress thoughtfully looking at a yellow pot.

The greenhouse is peaceful, healing, and a great place to contemplate life. We both were feeling stressed from the pandemic, but it felt good to be able to journey safely get out of the house and feel good about ourselves. It was a plus that we got to browse the beautiful pottery and plants. Carey is an artist, so I feel a connection with her whenever we get out in nature together to create. She inspires me and did I mention she buys the best finds from small businesses? Her earrings came from The Mod Little Melanin, one of my good friends from elementary school! I highly recommend checking her blog and shop out as well! So anyway, this photoshoot has given me an epiphany!

A female in a blue dress, looking up, healing from the sunlight with colorful pots around her.
a girl in blue dress running through a greenhouse to heal.

Over the last few weeks, I have been learning, growing, and healing. I have finally learned to begin to balance my life. There is still so much more for me to learn. I have much bigger plans in the future and I want to bring you all with me through my photography. I don’t want to spoil everything that I plan on doing, but I do want to leave everyone with this -When you change your mindset, habits, and you make a commitment to that change, you will find success.

Carey is such a beautiful soul and she was not feeling as open to shoot on this day, but she pushed through anyway. This made me remember a West African proverb . “Owo foro adobe” or “snake climbing the raffia tree”. The tree has many thorns, but the snake is persistent in climbing. We have to learn to keep going and heal, through all the challenges we face. It will be hard and may not always feel great, but with diligence and creativity, we can reach our goals. Try to change at least one negative thought this week. Turn it into a positive statement and make it your mantra each morning to begin to heal. Say it with confidence, no matter how silly your brain says it is. I dare you!

A female in a blue dress, looking up, healing from the sunlight with yellow, peach, and red pottery behind her.

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