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Change and Reflection During a Pandemic

August 21, 2020

I am not sure if it’s from being quarantined, or summer ending, but I love how the beautiful the sunlight looks during the change from summer to fall in Virginia. The summer glow is fading and let’s hope that it takes this Coronavirus with it! I knew it was the perfect time to get some lifestyle shoots in. I knew it was the perfect time to visit my friend and her family for a documentary photoshoot. The kids are growing way too fast. If you are new here, you may notice that these three are everywhere! My favorite little nuggets. They inspire me to get creative and have fun when photographing. They also inspire me to think about perspective.

Thinking about change, I am starting to reflect on my own life, especially the last few months. I can honestly say, that I have learned more than I ever knew about myself and the world I live in. This year was tough, but for me, it was the perfect time to explore my own thoughts and feelings.One big thing I learned, is that it is up to us to make what we want out of life. We can’t sit back and let everything happen, sometimes you have to make a move! I have been making TONS of moves over the past few months to better myself and be the change I want to see in the world. It’s up to me to create my own happiness, and no one else.

If you are feeling like things are not going the way you want, think about what HAS. Get into the habit of thinking about at least one thing that went well either that week or day you reflect. Sometimes you realize that you accomplished something that seemed small and insignificant, but it actually has a huge impact on your life. With that being said, it’s okay to have bad days as well. Life isn’t perfect and I am sure that many are realizing this now.

I have had so much time to think, learn, grow, adapt, express myself, and so much more. I have also had time to relax, sleep, dream, and be the laziest I have ever been in my life. It’s all about finding that balance. I don’t think I have achieved balance yet, but I am optimistic that I will get there one day. I encourage you to try to find balance in whatever way you can. find what makes you happy. Take a leap of faith. do all the things (within reason).

Last but not least, believe that there is magic in the world. That’s why I love photography. I feel like I am capturing magic every time I pick up my camera. I am able to transform and change a normal day into something beautiful and timeless. This keeps me optimistic and willing to continue to search for it, even in the darkest places!

A photo of a little boy in front of a dark background, He is lit by the sunlight and sticking his tongue out, dancing.
black and white picture of a little boy sticking his tongue out. His eyes are closed. There are blurred rays of sunlight behind him hitting the ground.
A black and white photo of a mother turned away from the camera, holding a little girl.

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