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Summertime Couples Shoot at Stone Tower Winery

July 21, 2020

It was a HOT Saturday. The sun was beating down on us with no remorse. I met up with Mica and Matt at Stone Tower Winery for a fun couples shoot. I have known Mica since college, we used to dance with each other and were in the same service fraternity, so it was fun catching up with her and Matt. We planned this shoot a few weeks in advance, and knew it had to be a winery because these two love birds LOVE wine. I remembered how gorgeous Stone Tower Winery is, so it was a no brainer to have our couples shoot here. The only problem is that we didn’t realize the temperatures were going to be through the roof! Still, we were determined to get some nice pictures on the grounds of the winery.

Despite the heat Stone Tower Winer was pretty full, as this is a popular winery to go to in Virginia. Luckily Stone Tower Winery has a lovely private space, and we were able to get away from all the tables and noise. We had the entire outer grounds to ourselves and it was a dream! We made sure to grab a bottle of wine before heading over. Sometimes you need a nice crisp glass to loosen you up during a hot shoot! Stone Tower Winery is a gorgeous spot for a couples shoot, and we were excited to see how much space we could cover over the two hours we had.

Unfortunately, it was SO hot, that we could only cover half the area before almost passing out from the heat! Matt was amazing and ran to grab us more water (and wine) to beat the heat. In the end we made it through and captured some great photos, drank some good wine, and got great tans! If you never thought about shooting at a winery, you will want to after seeing these pictures. I definitely plan on coming back here to shoot in the fall! Enjoy this hot couples photoshoot! [:

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