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My Energetic Relationship with Food

October 11, 2021

Food is not only great for nourishment of the body, but it is also nourishment for the soul. Recently I have been enlightened on my own relationship with food. Comfort foods such as fried chicken, mac and cheese, and chicken noodle soup are all great. However nothing compares to a really good slice of pepperoni pizza. It felt like every Friday my parents ordered pizza for dinner. They would sip their wine and six year old me enjoyed a smooth juice box of Hi-C. Pizza Hut in the 90’s was my jam. The crust buttery and crispy on the outside. The cheese and sauce had a distinct flavor that I cannot recall, so clearly I mainly enjoyed the crust. The pepperoni tasted jam packed with greasy spices that danced in my mouth. To my childhood tastes buds the pizza always tasted fresh and yummy.

Female smiling and standing in front of a brewery called Quattro Goombas. She has a brown bag and black sweatshirt on with long black and blond ombre hair.

Today I got to relive my childhood. My best friend from middle school came with me to my favorite winery, Quattro Goombas. It seems to now be a tradition that we do each fall. The reason I love this winery is because they have these massive pizzas one can enjoy! Everything about this pizza is similar to the old Pizza Hut version but ten times better. The crust is crispy and because it comes out fresh it stays crispy under a ton of sweet red sauce spread throughout with flavorful pepperoni and cheese. It is thick enough to hold the weight of all the ingredients. In the summer I order a red wine slushie. This is bliss to me. Little did I know, I would realize food is important in my life for many different reasons.

two huge slices of pepperoni pizza in front of a bottle of white wine. There are two more slices of pizza behind the wine with banana peppers on top.

Energetic Relationship

Let me preface this, with I believe I am highly connected with my ancestors. Now that they have passed on, if they are craving specific foods, those cravings are in my DNA. This is where my energetic relationship to food comes in. There were times where I would crave one thing for an entire month, and then never have the craving again. There is usually a reason why I so badly want to devour certain foods during certain times. One thing I always crave is bread and cheese, which are very comforting and hearty foods. My belief is that my ancestors are not only craving these things for themselves, but they are also trying to comfort me through those foods.

Whenever I am having an exhausting day at work, I am thinking about what meal is going to help me relax and unwind when I get home. My favorite thing to do is eat something warm and watch Bob’s Burgers. This gives me peace like nothing else. Once I am able to discern which ancestors are craving what foods, I will be able to raise my vibration and connection with them. This could be because I am listening to the song “Ancestors” on the Mulan soundtrack, but I really feel like my ancestors are starting to bring me on an epic journey. I believe that over time, I will begin to explore more of my relationship with foods my ancestors and I like and also dislike. Wherever I end up, I will continue to try new things and explore what my taste buds desire.

Here are some other comfort foods I enjoy!

a full charcuterie spread with two rows of sourdough bread pieces, strawberries, crackers, figs, meats, and another tray of assorted cheeses.
three birria tacos with shredded meat and cheese.
a  fried waffle like fish broken in half with an oreo inside. There is a bag in the background that says Rice Culture.

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