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Welcome to my Never ending Journey!

April 14, 2020

Hey! Welcome to my lovely blog! I want to tell you about myself and my journey with photography.

Art and photography have always been passions of mine since high school. My senior year is when I really started to grow my love for photography. I was in an art, photo, and ceramic class, so I had a pretty great senior year, but little did I know, the lessons I learned in the classroom would greatly benefit me in the future.

African American girl looking down at her cell phone, wearing a grey shirt with puffy sleeves and light blue high waisted jeans.

My first encounter with photography was with film, which I credit to my skills now. Film can be TOUGH, especially when you are a 17 year old procrastinator, who needs to photograph a series of objects for homework at 9:00 PM. This forced me to learn all about light and photographing in tough conditions. I was also forced to get creative with my work. I am proud say, that I typically received great feedback for my creativity and thinking outside the box. Unfortunately I do not have photos from this time period, but if I did I would totally show them off to you guys!

After I realized I was pretty good at this, I asked for my first digital camera, a Rebel T1i, which is still sitting in my kitchen cabinet to this day. I had NO clue what I was doing, but I liked to practice taking pictures of my friend since 7th grade, thanks Kalina! I even tried to dabble in editing which I learned in my digital photography class my junior year. Again, no clue what I was doing but I made some pretty cool images

Fast forward to 2019. The latest camera my parents had gotten me was the Rebel T7i, but I had not picked up my camera in a while. Work was feeling tedious and an old coworker encouraged me to find a new hobby. This is when I realized, I already had one! Finally my business was born. I am the type of person to do something, learn from it, and figure out how to do it better the next time. Photography is perfect because there is always something to learn and ways to grow, even when you’re a pro like me! I hope that you all enjoy this journey that I am, and if you stick around long enough, you will see some amazing magic happen.

African American girl with her hand on her hip. Smiling and looking out of a window in a white room.

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