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In-Home Maternity Session Fairfax Virginia

June 4, 2022

Each year seems to be warmer and warmer in the spring. When Courtney and Cai asked for an in-home maternity session in Fairfax Virginia, I jumped with excitement. They wanted something classy, so we got to work finding the perfect location. We decided since this was a classy in-home maternity session, it needed to be in a regal but very eclectic looking space. My couple didn’t want to use their house, so we decided to use the eclectic home of Jewel Marlow Interiors located in Northern Virginia. Her home is featured in HGTV’s magazine, Washingtonpost.com, and more! Of course when my couple saw her home studio, they knew it would be fitting for their session.

While photographs of a couple’s home can be authentic, there is no reason we cannot use a different location. Your own house may be a vibe, but we can always re-create that vibe in a home studio. There are many options to choose from depending on the look you may want. If you feel that your house is the best place, great! If you prefer to have a more polished look, go for the studio. I have photographed many couples portrait sessions both inside and outside of their homes. The main focus is the love that you have for each other so do not stress about how your house looks.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to your photographs. If you are still unsure of the best location, think about where you want these photos to be seen. Will you print them for your bedroom? The kitchen? Maybe you want an album to cherish your memories. Now imagine having your photos ready to display. Regardless of the location, you will have beautiful photos to look back on after your session. If you are ready, please connect with me and book your session now!

Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the photos from this fun, eclectic maternity session!

Couples portrait session of a  black couple dressed up in in a black suit and dress for their couples photo session.
In home maternity session with Bewitched Photography. A black couple is dressed up in in a black suit and dress for their couples photo session.

Studio: Jewel Marlow Interiors

Makeup Artist: Beat By Leeks

Dresses: bumpbiddy.com

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